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Over $1,500,000 raised for charity.

Let the Color Move You.
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Night AND Neon.
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The Dash that Makes the Difference.
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Let the Color Move You.
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Night AND Neon.
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The Dash that Makes the Difference.
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The Color

We are about people & communities; our color is safe for both.
Our powdery-goodness is 100% non-toxic, food-grade cornstarch and coloring. Learn more

The Dash

We are a family-friendly, untimed 5K, who welcomes all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities. Start white (we provide the Tee), and at each kilometer add blue, sprinkle green, splash yellow, spray orange, and finish strong in pink.

The Movement

You give back. Dashers all across the US and abroad have raised over a total of $1,000,000 for local causes. 50% of every registration goes into your community. We bring the color, you… Let The Color Move You.

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ColorDash UV Splash Bubble Bash


UV Splash

Bubble Bash


Not at all! A fun run can be all fun, no run, but we welcome all of you competitive spirits too.

Every paid dasher gets a white t-shirt, dash bib, CD5k tattoo, and one color pack*.

*Water splashers get glow gear in place of their color pack. Powder splashers receive a UV color pack.

*Bubble Bashers get a bottle of blow-bubbles

Yes! Every event - Color, UV, and Bubble gives 50% of your registration to a local community partner. To date, dashers like you have helped raise over $1,000,000 worldwide. Pretty sweet, huh?

Start with your awesome Color Dash t-shirt, maybe some CD5k gear, and then White! White! White! and more White! Just remember whatever you wear will get colored, so that favorite pair of argyle socks from Grandma should probably stay home.

As a fun-run, we’re about finish lines, not finish times, so we don’t keep track. But if you’d like to time yourself - go for it!

Not at all! Everyone is welcome to run - and the kiddos 5 and under are free!

If pushing a stroller, please keep in mind you’ll be dashing through several feet of bubbles.

We dash rain or shine, unless it’s considered unsafe. There are no refunds for weather-related cancellations.

We love our furry friends, and a handful of our events benefit them. With that said, all animals must be leashed and of course, you’re solely responsible for them.

If you're a VIP or if you paid for shipping - it's in the mail! No need to come early or wait in lines! If not, you can request we ship it ahead of time or pick it up during your event’s packet pick up times - some events are day-of only, others have day-before options. Check your (event page) for more info.

We recommended our pro photographers to keep a decent distance from the color, so if you want photos inside the color stations or explosion, we recommended a fully sealed case or baggie.

Water splashers should be especially careful with electronics as there’s lots of watery fun all around!

Water is provided for the end of the event, and in some cases, at the half-way point, however we recommend bringing your own water, if you’d like it along the course.

Our color is 100% non-toxic food grade cornstarch and coloring.

Our UV color is 100% non-toxic food grade cornstarch and UV coloring. Our UV water is 100% non-toxic UV dye and water.

Our bubbles are bio-degradable and hypoallergenic, however they’re not for eating. Our colored bubbles are the same mix, just with a little 100% non-toxic food coloring.

The color is non-toxic, however it’s still a powder; if you inhale a lot of it or get it in your eyes, you may experience some discomfort. We make sure our dasher splasher volunteers avoid your face, but some dashers opt to wear glasses/goggles and/or bandannas for added protection.

Our bubbles do have a soapy element in them, so we recommend wearing eye protection if you have little children, contacts, or sensitive eyes.

Shake off the “dust” before getting in your car, as the color tends to brush off when it’s not wet. For your skin, it’ll take a shower or two to get your skin back to normal, but it will wash out. Newly bleached hair can react to liquid foodcoloring, which is a part of the color when wet, so we recommend wearing a hat if you have bleached, or extremely blond hair, and wash thoroughly after the Dash.

The UV dye tends to stay in clothes, so wash thoroughly alone before mixing it with others.

The colored bubbles tend to stay in clothes, so wash thoroughly alone before mixing it with others.

Want to keep the color? Spritz them with vinegar and iron them to lock in the look, keep in mind the colors may not be as vibrant after you wash them.

Stick around for the color explosion! Local vendors will be serving food, there’ll be water to cool you down, and we’ll be doing a massive color explosion once everyone’s back!

We’ll have a dance off, and a giant water fight!

It’s our celebration that you’ve finished the dash! We’ll count down from 10 and everyone will launch their color packets into the air! We hold only one color explosion for each dash - b/c we believe in doing things as a whole community, so stick around, eat, drink, and cheer on your city as they cross the finish line.

At checkout, simply type in your code under "Promo Code". Your discount will automatically be applied!

We’ll always try and transfer your registration, to either another event or another person, however we don’t offer refunds. This allows us to help your local charity maintain a consistent fundraiser. All merchandise orders are also final. If you need a size adjustment, we’ll do out best to swap it out on dash day.

Absolutely! We can’t guarantee they’ll be able to avoid the color, but they’re welcome to check out the store, vendors, food, and any other crazy fun going on!

Shoot us an email (, we’d love to brighten your community!

UV Splash Logo


The UV Splash is an untimed 5k night run where dashers get sprayed
every mile with UV water or UV powder - under blacklight.

50% of every ticket goes to a local charity. It's what makes the Dash the Difference.

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Bubble Bash Logo

Clean & Colorful

The Bubble Bash is an untimed 5k fun run where dashers run through several feet of foam every mile.

50% of every ticket goes to a local charity. It's what makes the Dash the Difference.

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